About us

Our company was established in 2010.


The main objective of the company is as follows: comprehensive support of Lithuanian companies operating in the transport and logistics sector and provision of the highest quality services, such as fuel purchase (VAT excluded) in Western Europe, the systems of road toll, VAT and excise tax refund.


Long-term partnership and attention to each client, ability to hear your needs and the package of the best services specially tailored to your company.




The main field of activity of International Diesel Service (IDS) is satisfaction of fuel needs of the companies that operate in the sector of international freight transportation and logistics. IDS is one of the leading European suppliers of fuel cards with a network of 600 gas-stations situated in strategic locations, i.e. near the main trunk-roads. We offer you an opportunity to purchase fuel at competitive prices.


International Diesel Service is owned by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, one of the daughter enterprises of the world's leading oil producers.


IDS products and services


IDS network offers you an opportunity to use the services of 600 gas-stations situated in strategic locations, i.e. near the main European trunk-roads. The gas-stations are open 24 hours a day and are designed for heavy vehicles.


A well-developed AdBlue network that meets the growing needs of carriers concerning reduction of emissions and improvement of fuel efficiency.


IDS NOVI service allows our clients to receive invoices without VAT.


IDS actually pays VAT, therefore you don’t need to do anything.


IDS is strongly concerned about safety. We offer PIN code protection of fuel card and the system of direct monitoring (OLA).


We use CCTV cameras for gas-stations monitoring. This allows a greater control and prevention of thievery. 24-hour helpline has been set up in order to help drivers and managers to ensure a rapid response to emergencies and an opportunity to block fuel cards and receive information during non-business hours. IDS website is the Online Reporting Tool that has been generated in order to meet your business needs.


After signing in to IDS website you can:

- Review all transactions and information of your company’s fuel cards

- Review and download information about fuel fillings

- Review and download information about invoices

- Review fuel prices for the period of your choice

- Review former prices.